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One Biggest Fat LOSS mistake​​​​​

If you are tired of trying a number of things to melt your fat then this article is surely going to help you. Here is the secret explained backed up with science to burn your fat quickly & reveal your stunning abs. The secret is lying in correcting one of the biggest mistakes you do while losing your stored body fat, here I discuss one of the biggest Fat LOSS mistake people do while revealing there dreamed abs.

As per my practise experience as a nutritionist in various elite class gyms in India I had observed that people always do this mistake and make it one of the most common mistakes among gym freaks and normal individuals who are willing to lose fat and also it is one of the major mistakes amoung  the fitness freaks who keenly willing to develop there six packs to get an aesthetic physique.

Whatever your goals are whether it is fat loss, weight loss or abs development you have to take care of one thing through out your fitness journey that is to eat lots of salads in your diet, salads are the combination of raw edible vegetables which has the potential to transform your dreamed physique into reality by there undeniable ability to benefit human body. In general perspective very buddy knows that why to eat salads, their common benefits i.e aid digestion, fight constipation, improve skin quality, etc. Here I am going to present an eye-opening concept which may blow your mind and you will develop an urge to eat a salad right from your next meal after finishing this article. Here I present the set of these four points which are:-


Salad has carried a fact and reputation for having a low calorie density food. We can understand that with an example that a cucumber weighted 100g has 16 calories (it has larger volume also due to water stored in eat) while the 100 g almonds contain 580 kcal. Do you see the difference that though both has same weight for the calories difference is huge. A cucumber is providing you a very less calories but can occupies a large volume inside your stomach while almonds is providing a lot more calories but occupies less volume then cucumber inside your stomach. Our stomach is elastic in nature, a pear-shaped bag to store the food, it is nearly of the size of your both hand close together with open fist in upward direction. (just open your fist as you do prayer to the god) or in terms of volume it is of 1 litre but due to its elastic nature, it can enlarge up to 3-4 litres when you put inside some food. You may also feel bloated when this enlargement happens but as food pass through it to small intestine for further processing it back to its normal size. Thus when you eat more food it enlarges to collect your food and gives a satisfaction to your heart that you had consumed the major portion of your meal. Thus we have to find a food option which will satisfy our appetite and also give fewer calories, and the search end up on SALADS. Just imagine that you have eaten 200 g of cucumber, how would you feel after it. I bet that you will felt fuller, lighter and energetic too but now imagine that you have eaten the 200g paneer, how would you feel, I think you will crave to eat more as it has less volume then salad thus your stomach is still empty & you need to put some thing to satisfy is hunger, and whatever you put on is also in a form of calories, which will eventually leads to fat gain if its exceed body maintenance calories. So on comparing both two cases you can clearly see that being a low density food “salads” have given you a satiety feeling in very less calories and occupied a much larger volume of stomach while paneer has craved you to eat more and it also occupied less volume in your stomach.

So the bottom line is that the salad provides you very fewer calories as compared to other macro nutrients and also fill up the space of stomach which gives a feeling of full ness for a longer period of time.

2. Minerals and Vitamins

Salad has all the trapped potential to enrich you with all the essential minerals and vitamins. As we well know the fact that the plant absorbs all the minerals from the soil where they have been grown. Whenever you are in calories deficient state while doing a fat loss, weight loss, or limited to very strict diet during your abs development program you cut downs so many foods from your daily diet thus doing this sometimes body not get its required micro nutrients i.e minerals and vitamin, whenever our body does not have optimum level of micro nutrients within the system it slows down the bodily system activities, enzymes functioning which ultimately leads to loss is our efficiency and delay our results, thus making fat loss a little bit more harder. For example as being a nutritionist I get lots of clients which have vitamin K deficiency, and the main reason behind this is that people do not eat lots of salads in their diet. The vitamin K helps us in blood clotting, bone formation & its mineralisation, it eventually increase our bone mineral density, Vitamin K helps assist in channeling calcium directly to the bone rather then the blood vessels. And I had also observed that people cut down there diary intake dramaticaaly in there fat loss & weight loss gain thus there body also get deprived of calcium too. Thus when a person is not having a vitamin K in his system and also do not intake calcium products, then it may leads to oestooprorosis which is disease where our bone gets weak and they are more prone to fracture. Thus this simply can be avoided by eating 100 g of broccoli daily or 25 g of spinach daiy in their diet to fulfil all the daily requirement of vitamin k. There are tons of diseases which will happens due to lack of micro nutrients (minerals and vitamin) above is the only one example I have given to show you the trailer.

So bottom line is this that include variety of veggies to make your bowl of salad to get all the minerals and vitamins (expect vitamin D, vitamin D is not found in vegetables).


Salad provides you lots of fiber to meet up your daily fiber requirement. To function optimally our body needs at least 30g of fiber daily. The best thing about fiber is that firstly being a complex carbohydrate but it does not raise our blood sugar level and aids in controlling of blood sugar level. It reduces our hunger by slowing the digestion process thus food will remain for a longer time inside our stomach which gives you a feeling of satiety. Secondly, it helps in better digestion by adding the bulk to our stool thus making our bowel movement smooth which gives you a relief from constipation forever.


Salads are the food which is available in every corner of the world, thus you can’t give any excuse of not eating the salad wherever you live. The vegetables like broccoli, carrot, spinach, tomato, onion, cucumber, kale, beetroot, etc is available every vegetable shop near you. So just buy them and make your healthy, nutritious & tasting salad now and say a good bye to your unwanted stored body fat.


To make your plate of salad you should include at least four vegetable of a different color. For example, lets take beetroot, cucumber, tomato, carrot, here you can see that all four vegetable which I have chosen is of different colors thus you can also design your own favorite combination for a perfect plate o salad.


Eat enough salad and start burning your fat to reveal your stunning abdominal section “Dreamed Six Packs”. All the best!

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