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           Physique engineer is a government registered online fitness training company (UMI NO: MH33DO124909, GSTIN: 27EKGPS3114F1Z7), Physique Engineer is founded by  JAI SINGH, a gold medalist IITian, completed his studies from India's prestigious college "Indian Institute of Technology - Banaras Hindu University" (IIT-BHU). Due to his keen interest in getting fit & making people fit, he is working in the Fitness Industry for the last eight years and has done international accreditation certifications in Specialised Nutrition, Advanced Personal Trainer, Female Personal Trainer, and Special Population Training. He has transformed tons of people during his carrier and has the life goal to inspire people to take a step towards fitness & help them to achieve their dreamed physique by providing classified, problem-solving and advanced information about training and nutrition.       
   Physique Engineer has a mighty mission of transforming 1 million lives before 2024. It is a team of certified trainers and nutritionists from all over India, having a broad knowledge and experience in biomechanics, nutrition, exercises, and kinesiology.

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