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Way to live positive...

“In every day, there are 1,440 minutes. That means we have 1,440 daily opportunities to make a positive impact” Les brown

Let me tell you a story, there is a 10 years old boy named Rakesh, he is being a very shy boy & never participates in the school events & activities, Rakesh never interact with people, this situation of Rakesh is the cause of his mother worries about Rakesh personality and development, but Rakesh has one strong point within his personality, he is very positive in nature and always look for the bright side & positivity. Once Rakesh came from school and said to his mother that I have been given my name for the function in my school, after listening to it his mother becomes very excited about Rakesh, and she starts waiting for the moment when her son will be on stage & performing as other kids. When the day of the function arrives, the mother visited the school and after attending the whole program she becomes very upset because Rakesh did not appear even once on stage. Fill with all anger & sadness she arrived at the home and asked Rakesh, where were you on the function, the answer of Rakesh has made his mother fill with tears & emotions in his eyes. Rakesh said "I had participated in the crowd & doing cheers & clapping for my friends to boost up their confidence, it is also a type of participation mom"

Moral of the story: whatever your nature, situation, circumstances is, always look to the positive side. Find something which is positive for you, it will provide you a relieve & ideas to fight everything, it will turn your life into blessings.

When it comes to health and fitness being positive is indispensable because the fitness first appear in mind in the form of positive thought which will eventually transcend into physical equivalent as you put your hardship and honesty with your diet and workout over a considerable period of time. Each and every minute while chasing a fitness goal you have to think positively, never ever think that you will not going to attain your dreamed physique, just put your constant effort over a period of time and think that you are doing your task positively, sometime it may happen that you will skip your gym session or diet due to unavoidable work or travelling in that case try to do even little exercise like walking, jogging for few minutes, as per Dr. Michael Otto, a professor of psychology at Boston university in an article for the American psychological association proved that “the link between exercise and mood is pretty strong, usually within five minutes after moderate exercise you get a mood- enhancement effect”. So a little movement, moves you into a completely positive states which will eventually gives you a reason to be positive towards fitness over your tough times too. You can also try to replace the meal with fruits, dairy product, salad, dry fruits as these are available in every corner of the world, if not possible try to eat at-least one portion of a healthy meal. It may not give you a complete benefit as same as you are getting with the disciplined diet and workout routine but at least you feel positive inside that you have given at least little efforts to turn yourself fit during tough time, these short efforts of fitness will ultimately leads to development of a positive & constructive attitude towards your ultimate fitness goals.Stay positive, Focus on the bright side, don't let things get you down.

“It is important to stay positive because beauty comes from the inside out.” Jenn Proske

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