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Diet for thyroid || थायराइड में क्या खाएं

The thyroid patient, especially hypothyroidism patients should involve these five category foods in their diet which are:-


IODINE, SELENIUM, ZINC are essential micronutrients for the human body, they are the type of minerals, whenever these three minerals are found deficient in people, they suffer from thyroid especially their thyroid gland becomes under-active. Let's discuss in details about these three minerals in details.

IODINE Human body needs at least 150 micrograms of iodine daily to function effectively, out of this the 70 micrograms of iodine is utilized by thyroid gland only in order to synthesize the thyroid hormone T3 and T4 rest all iodine is utilized by other body systems i.e brain cells, salivary glands etc. If your body lacks in iodine it will attract lots of diseases like hypothyroidism, goiter , weight gain, anxiety, depression etc. So the bottom line is that you should have to take iodine rich source in your daily diet like i.e seafood mainly fish, egg especially egg yolk (if you consume one whole egg it will provide 16 % of your daily iodine requirement.), in dairy product you can intake milk, cheese and yogurt but make sure you are not lactose and casein sensitive person. You can also have beans, peas, and banana to fulfill your iodine requirements. The one most important point is that don’t consume table salt in order to get iodine but try to take iodized salt for your daily salt intake, for best results you can also switch to Himalayan rock salt for your daily use as it being very rich in vital minerals.


Selenium is one of the crucial minerals to produce thyroid hormone, the human body’s every cell which utilizes the thyroid hormone uses the selenium to activate and deactivate the thyroid hormone and its metabolites. The human body needs at least 55 micrograms of selenium to function effectively. Secondly, our body needs selenium to subside the hydrogen peroxide which is formed when iodine an inactive form turns to iodide an active form. If hydrogen peroxide remains in our body it causes inflammation to the thyroid gland and triggers autoimmune diseases i.e hypothyroidism. Thirdly selenium also acts as a cofactor in the production of antioxidant enzymes i.e glutathione peroxide, thus it acts like antioxidants and protects our cells from the damaged caused by free radicals. Selenium-rich foods are fish, chicken, mushroom, sunflower seed etc.

ZINC Zinc is also an essential trace element for the human body as every enzyme in the human body has the zinc and in zinc is required in order to effectively function more than 300 enzymes in our body. The recommended value of Zinc in Men is 11 milligrams per day while in women it is 8 milligram per day. In the majority of thyroid patients has a zinc deficiency because in thyroid patients the level of stomach acid is low, and to absorb zinc efficiently we need a good amount of stomach acid. The natural source of zinc are meat, fish, chicken, brown rice, quinoa, oats, pomegranate, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds cheese etc.


If you have less protein intake in your diet than body undergoes under Imbalance which creates stress on your body thus it disturbs the functioning of thyroid gland and slows down your metabolism. Thyroid patient should intake 70 to 100 grams of lean protein per day in their diet. The best source of lean protein is chicken breast, egg whites etc.


Thyroid patients should intake lots of vegetables and fruits expect those vegetables and fruits which has goitrogen they can take every vegetables and fruit. Due to eating vegetables, a good microbiome is created inside our intestinal tract, the microbiome is the environment where a good bacteria, viruses, and pesticides are grown which accelerate our digestion process and make it efferent and healthy. The fibre present in vegetables and fruits acts as feed product to the good bacteria thus enabling their growth multiplication inside our digestive system. Secondly, the Consumption of vegetables and fruits daily can reduce the inflammation of the thyroid gland. Thirdly vegetables and fruits contain lots of minerals, vitamin, and antioxidant which will help in boosting up overall body health and vitality. The best vegetables to consume in the thyroid are:- mushroom, beans, peas, onion, garlic etc. and the best fruits are banana. Orange, pomegranate etc.


Thyroid patient should consume a high-quality multivitamin tab on daily basis to get all the vital vitamins as there are some vitamins which are still get left in our diet i.e a vegetarian person can have vitamin b12 deficiency which will result in autoimmune diseases.


Always take healthy fats in your diet, don’t get frightened with the intake of fats, fats are needed for various physiological and hormonal function in the human body. You should consume at least essential fats like omega 3 fatty acid, omega 3 will increase your immunity, it is an anti-inflammatory thus reduces the inflammation of your thyroid gland and balances omega 3 and omega 6 in your body. The best source to get omega 3 are fish, eat fish 3 to 4 day a week or you can take omega 3 supplement which comes in the form of fish oil. The vegetarian people can get omega 3 from almonds, walnut, chia seeds, flaxseed etc.

The one most important thing is that the thyroid patients should cook their foods only in olive oil or coconut oil. The best oil or fat to cook food is coconut oil as the coconut oil boost your immunity as they have 50 % Laurie acid in it which will boost up your immune system. The medium chain triglycerides (MCT) present in fish oil is very helpful in fat oxidation thus it will shred down the extra body fat which comes due to hypothyroidism. The MCT present in coconut oil will also increase thermogenesis effect, which eventually increases your metabolism, The MCT of coconut oil is also helpful in your brain performance. The coconut oil also contains lots of phytonutrients. The coconut oil also decreases your bad cholesterol (LDL) and increase your good cholesterol (HDL).

As being a nutritionist I always suggest my clients to use coconut oil for cooking. The best coconut oil for cooking is cold pressured virgin coconut oil.

Watch out the video on thyroid diet

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